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Cross Borders is a well-known art gallery in Dubai that is working towards removing geographical borders and social differences through art. Every artist fundamentally requires a magnificent platform to showcase his creative work and receive appreciation from the visitors. Artists who have worked hard and are famous for their brilliant art work and even those who have just begun painting are all provided a platform by Cross Borders. It is operational since 2013 and is located at Mina road, Dubai. Cross Borders is known to have possession of masterpieces including breath taking oil paintings, sculptures and still captures. Our artists belong to various nationalities including Pakistan, India, Syria, Iran, Canada, Uk, Turkmenistan, UAE, Italy and Austria. Exploring famous artists website Dubai, you will find most of them have their work displayed at Cross Borders.Read More Viewers from all walks of life regularly visit this art gallery including famous celebrities. The gallery also entails to world famous art of calligraphy. We not only committed to provide a platform to new artists, but also seek to display art in various forms. Our team seeks to make best use of art to bring together artists and people from all walks of life. Cross Borders does not believe in discriminating between any nationality and welcomes artists belonging to any nationality to come and connect with Cross Borders. Our team of artists welcomes everyone to become a part of this finest art gallery and help the gallery in showcasing the beauty of art. Cross Borders is not only attempting to provide a platform to artists and visitors where they can meet but it also extends its purpose to painting an amusing picture of oneness and there cannot be any place in the world better than Dubai for this purpose.