Contemporary Art Style & Themes

Contemporary Art-6 Inspiring Themes in Vogue

Modern art emerged on the world canvas after the 19th century B.C. The world changed and so did the art. Formerly, the artists worked more on commission, painting what they were told to paint, but with the onset of a contemporary art era, artists began to work more independently depicting subconscious desires, symbolism, and iconography as ways for the portrayal of their own experiences and whatever they observe around. Contemporary artists began to experiment with their work, and new trends coupled with captivating art themes came into existence.

You will notice that most artists started using expressive colors, contemporary mediums and unconventional textures in their artwork. With the advancement of the society and rapidly changing world, new subtext arrived, so as to make changes in the appearance of art. However, if you consider the bigger picture, same themes still exists. The approach changed but the message remained the same.

If you have the chance of visiting any latest art events in Dubai you’ll notice the following trending themes in visual art of modern painters:

1.      Gender

Gender has always been a popular theme with the artists. Themes like gender conflicts, gender identity, and gender stereotypes are widely shown in many artists work. Many artists have beautifully shown and highlighted various issues associated with the gender. Paintings related to gender are becoming increasingly fluid, more exploratory and more sexual.

2.      Globalization

Art is becoming universal and so is the work of an artist. Globalization has led artists to be well aware of the international contexts and seek international appraisal for their work. Artists tend to keep up with the new subjects, trends and themes of the world.

3.      Spirituality

Spirituality is the main genre for many artists then and now. Many consider it as their religious obligation. The fusion of the ancient norms of spirituality and the modernism has created masterpieces that have left the audience in ‘wow’. Calligraphic art and Sufism based themes are the off shots of the spirituality genre.

4.      Human body

The human body is another most popular theme in visual art. A few took it to the level of nudity, but a limited number of people inclined towards it. The human body is not seen as a physical entity rather the artist focuses on different emotional and psychological aspects of the human figure particularly that of women. Painters try to paint what they fantasize about it. Beautifying the body is very common among the painters.

5.      Social relevance

Social dilemmas are a part of the society and the portrayal of these issues in paintings is also common. Abstract paintings with rich color selection show the feelings of the artist for the issue. Artists usually portray their protest by painting it on the canvas as art is a good source of inspiration worldwide.

6.      Cultural Impressions

No matter how much the art is becoming globalized, there are still some who want to paint their culture. Canvas has always been a mirror for an artist to reflect his culture. Societies as shown by the artists maybe the speculation of their own imagination, but usually are the real.

Dubai is the home of art lovers and art admirers. There is a rich collection of paintings in Dubai and artwork of many great and famous artists of the modern era are displayed.

If there is any contemporary art theme that admires you the most? Just share with us.