Art for Sale in Dubai

Reasons to Invest in Art for Sale in Dubai!

Investing in art is quite profitable. You never know how much value time adds to your collection tomorrow. You can own an artwork that is thriving in the market and enjoy its ownership today. And if you want, you can sell it tomorrow and receive a profitable return.

One must know investing in art is not a short scheme to get rich. However, for some people buying and selling art often proves to be more productive than any other type of investment.

But, before you make an investment in art, you must know what role  an investor plays in all this. Being an investor, you buy art for home decoration, what you need? Without a doubt, an investor has a very clear objective in mind when he buys art. Before, making an investment he makes a financial plan and weighs the pros and cons.

Art for Sale in Dubai

Now, let’s move on what makes an art a valuable asset. Investment in art is valuable because of:

1) The superior quality

2) Rarity

3) Scarcity

The art market in the UAE is up-and-running. Each year, more and more art galleries are opening in Dubai, and yes! Let’s not forget that the auction sales are rising at a steady pace. All these points out that investing in paintings in Dubai sounds like a solid investment plan.

Let’s move on to the reasons why we should invest in artwork:

1) Look at the financial rewards: Many people make an investment in art for sale in Dubai because the returns are great. The global art market is rising and close attention is being paid to art as a positive feature.

2) They are in demand: As mentioned earlier, the great paintings are limited, their scarcity increases their demand. So, people want to invest in them and enjoy the profits they receive tomorrow.

3) They are not sensitive to interest rate fluctuations.

4) When you make an investment in artwork and hang it on your wall you can enjoy its beauty. Does any other investment offer you this benefit?

5) It can be your long-term investment: if you don’t want to sell your affordable artwork in Dubai or worldwide, don’t. Instead, pass it down to your grandchildren and so on. And when they are scarce and rare, sell them. The odds of its high value is more by then.

6) Art investment can be beneficial for the investor because the artwork can be loaned to the museum that can enhance the investors’ reputation

Many investors do not miss any opportunity to show their art, this way they continually  promote the artist’s work. Many of the investors are investing in only the artists of their choice and they are invited to the art exhibitions in Dubai by the art galleries. Galleries will promote sales this way and the investors can mingle with fellow members.

However, like any other investment art investment requires consultation. It’s not as simple as buying a painting we like. The artwork should have a potential to sell with greater returns tomorrow. Therefore, the commercial art or the art that sells should be the one in which an investment should be made.

The bottom line is that if you want to invest in artwork it should go down the lane and should be a long-term investment. Because the longer you wait to sell it, the more chances for you to enjoy the substantial return.