Art events in Dubai remain a highly globalized meeting point in the world of art, with a relatively large gathering of artists, collectors, curators and art professionals from across the world. This annual event boasts of art forms and painting for sale, with art presentations in gallery halls alongside commissioned projects as well as performancesRead More »
Abstract painting can be referred to as the non- objective, non- representational, geometric abstraction or concrete art which represents any painting or sculpture that does not introduce recognizable images or views. However, it is understandable why there has been no real consensus on the definition, types or unique importance of abstract art. Abstract art transformsRead More »
The purpose of art galleries is to open the gate of an art world for the admirers of art and to give them a vision, a message they are trying to look for. What more can an art lover ask for than to be in a place surrounded by new themes, new ideas unfolding beforeRead More »
Dubai, one of the business hubs around the world is now also known for the amazing work of art it possesses. This is a very prominent and different change in the history of Dubai because this has never happened before. Dubai has been doing amazingly well in promoting artwork in UAE. Many exhibitions and eventsRead More »
In the last decade, we have seen Dubai for not only being known for touching the sky with its tallest buildings, but also flourishing with varieties of up-and-coming galleries and being the center of activities for the local and international artists. Galleries in Dubai have opened the door of ‘art world’ for you, in whichRead More »
Art in the Middle East has really flourished over the years. Modern art paintings in Dubai are now seen with utmost importance and people from all over the world come to buy these special paintings. What amuses most artists around the world is the transformation they have gone through, what once used to be aRead More »
Islamic Art is that one genre whose popularity continues to grow with time. From ancient to contemporary art this art category continues to flourish and inspire many. This art class is a broad category.  Despite the name it does not only feature religious dogmas but includes essence of Islamic subcultures as well. The art primarilyRead More »
You want your living room to look livelier and colorful but don’t know how you would do it.Well let me tell you a secret. A good painting can always make your wall look more creative and interesting. Good contemporary art is always refreshing and it can serve as an anti- stress therapy for you. InRead More »
The ‘Cross Borders’ Art Gallery is about eradicating geological fringes and social contrasts through the medium of craftsmanship. It is a fantasy of each artist to get a stage where they can show the finished scope of their feelings, abilities and emotions. These can be showed on the canvas or through form, and additionally differentRead More »
Skylines, theme parks, shopping malls and five star restaurants; this is what Dubai stands for. However, did you know that apart from these attractions, art galleries in Dubai are a must see too? Dubai is rich in culture and traditions so how could art not be a part of this metropolitan city? People who have never been to oneRead More »