Whether you are a new art student or have just started painting as a hobby, you must know that there are many advantages if you use acrylic paints on the canvas. They are durable, last long, dry quickly and cost cheap. They are great to use on canvas especially for beginners. Here is a detailedRead More »
Modern art emerged on the world canvas after the 19th century B.C. The world changed and so did the art. Formerly, the artists worked more on commission, painting what they were told to paint, but with the onset of a contemporary art era, artists began to work more independently depicting subconscious desires, symbolism, and iconographyRead More »
Talking about western art, calligraphy is a minor art form but due to its relation to Islam, Islamic Calligraphy is major art form. The main reason for this is that Calligraphy developed alongside Quran. If you have visited world’s most beautiful historical places in Islamic countries such as Spain, Turkey, India and Pakistan. The mostRead More »
Bin Qalandar is a well-known Pakistani artist with great command on Islamic calligraphy. At a very young age, his audacious contemporary art flair started making a good mark amongst modern artists worldwide. Born in Lahore, 1980, Qalandar received his formal education from the most prestigious art schools of Pakistan. He received his two year diplomaRead More »
Creative burnout, exactly like writer’s block is an inevitable evil in an artist’s life. You cannot get rid of it, you cannot overlook. This is the part and parcel of your creativity. So, why not to digest the burnout when you have to? Let’s take it sportingly! Yes, you will be able to learn somethingRead More »
Why do clients commission artwork? Art enthusiasts often want commissioned paintings from artists for one major reason that they want to have artwork with a personalized touch that they won’t get elsewhere. Whether that work is a landscape of something important to them or a portrait of their family, it often holds some significance toRead More »
Building a successful career is entirely dependent on how fervent you are as an artist. If you are talented, creative and hardworking, you are preordained to be successful. Even though it does not happen overnight, but years of putting your heart and soul into your work helps you succeed in the end. You need toRead More »
Starting an art gallery in Dubai is a profitable business indeed, and it certainly needs some extra for its owners to roll on the initiative. But being the number-1 in a business niche is an intricate task that needs planning, integrity at work, and above all some blessings of luck. Art in Dubai is flourishing likeRead More »
There are times when we want to paint and create magic, but our mind is blank. When we try hard to think, it gives us nothing. If this is the case with you, don’t worry, I have mentioned 3 of my top favorite ways you could use for giving a little nudge to your creativeRead More »
Henri Matisse, a renowned French artist rightly said that ‘Creativity Takes Courage’. Adding to it, today’s modern artists should understand that it’s not enough to walk on the path of becoming famous with an inherent need to craft and communicate their ideas, and dreaming to leave their mark on the world of Arte in Dubai. TheyRead More »