Art exhibitions help art lovers like us to get your regular dose of inspiration by peeking into the extraordinary world of art where famous artists exhibit their masterpieces in top galleries in art exhibitions in Dubai. Are you an art lover and in search of popular art events? Well, you have come to the rightRead More »
UAE takes art earnestly and apprehends that preserving culture demands creating opportunities for art to flourish. Furthermore, awareness of art is necessary for ensuring more people chase their dreams and pursue career in art and make Emirati Culture famous in the entire world. UAE does not discriminate on the basis of nationality when it comesRead More »
Human nature runs after uniqueness and reason is very obvious that people are unique in themselves so they prefer to opt for things with defined exclusivity. It’s also true when you need to buy any sort of artwork to beautify your living place. Paintings allow you to celebrate your aesthetic taste, for there is noRead More »
Within less than a decade, the Art in UAE has gained global importance. However, the success of Art in UAE hinges on more than just the government funds. The central location of Dubai being almost equidistant to the important cities of not just Asia and also of Europe and Africa, has supported the success ofRead More »
Dubai has become a regular and an important selling point for the international art auctions that attracts sales of over 250 million dollars (Dh916 million) with twice yearly auctions of the Modern and Contemporary Arab, Turkish and Iranian art, claimed by the managing director and head of sales at Middle East Christie, Michael Jeha. MichaelRead More »
After making a body of work, the main goal of most of the artists is to get their artworks displayed in an exhibition, however, to search for good art galleries and exhibition spacesmaybe very tiringas it requires time and also effort. So, this article will feature ideas and information as to how you can findRead More »