contemporary art galleries in dubai

Contemporary Art Galleries in Dubai for Art Lovers

You want your living room to look livelier and colorful but don’t know how you would do it.Well let me tell you a secret. A good painting can always make your wall look more creative and interesting. Good contemporary art is always refreshing and it can serve as an anti- stress therapy for you. In addition it always catches your guests’ attention and is a proof of your aesthetic taste.

Buying a good painting is always a win win situation plus you never regret spending money on it. But buying an original and beautiful painting can be a bit challenging especially for new buyers. With the advancement of technology online shopping has taken a toll and luckily we now have online art galleries that display paintings for sale. You can simply choose original artworks online and place your order.

Purchasing original and authentic piece of work is very important. I really don’t want you to end up at a scam website buying a con painting. Therefore I suggest you to rely on Cross Borders Art Galleries in Dubai whenever you want to buy genuine art pieces of famous international artists.

Cross Borders Art Gallery as the name suggests features artists belonging to various nationalities. The gallery focuses on giving well- established as well as new artists a platform to display their work and gain international acclaim. Moreover it also displays their paintings for sale to introduce the artists to global buyers and international market.

Based originally in Dubai, the galleria boasts of the largest art collection in Dubai. Cross Borders Gallery has been functional since 2013 and strongly believes in the term ‘art has no boundaries.’ Based on this the gallery features work from UK, Canada, India, Syria, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Italy, UAE, Austria and many more. The variety this gallery exhibits has no match. You can find contemporary art paintings, Islamic calligraphy, sculptures and still captures all at one place. The gallery is your answer to almost all painting genres. In addition to this the gallery also has an online store exhibiting paintings for sale.

The best thing about the gallery is that you can get the original masterpiece or if you can’t afford the original you can buy its art print. It is as good as the original plus it will save you money. It is your home for affordable art luxuries.

Let’s look summarize some of the points that make the gallery stand out from the lot.

  • Located in the multicultural city of Dubai.
  • Displays work of international artists
  • Provides platform for new and creative artists
  • Original paintings at the best prices
  • Features all genres of art

Art and artists are loved by all.With the new trends evolving in the field of contemporary art it is very important for the art galleries to keep the art lovers updated with what’s new.Organizing art exhibitions and events gives the audience a chance to appreciate new art and meet their favorite artists.Cross Art Borders Gallery regularly takes part in such events and showcases their artists’ works in those events.Recently it displayed its pieces at the World Art Dubai 2016 and gained a wide acclaim.

Shopping art pieces at the Cross Borders Art Gallery will be an interesting experience for you and it will make you love art more than before.So next time when you think of buying a new piece of art for your office or your home you know where to get it from.