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Events That Art Galleries in Dubai can Host to Become Popular

The purpose of art galleries is to open the gate of an art world for the admirers of art and to give them a vision, a message they are trying to look for. What more can an art lover ask for than to be in a place surrounded by new themes, new ideas unfolding before him and get aware of new thoughts which are on the horizon? And in the past few decades, we have seen Dubai not only creating a whole new platform for the established and new artists to show their work but also a place where people get captivated and memorised by that art. Dubai, which was previously known as its largest buildings, having the world’s only 7-star hotels has also become the place of the centre of activities for local and international artists.

If you want your art galleries to be popular in Dubai, here are the various events you can host:

1) The Contemporary Middle-Eastern Art Dialogue:

As we know that Dubai has emerged as a global city and is undoubtedly the business hub of the middle east. So why not make your gallery the hub of the Middle Eastern hub?
Art galleries in Dubai can play a fundamental role in portraying the diverse cultural influence in countries and their differences stretching from Egypt to Iran. Apart from cultural factor, they can play a major role in bringing three major religions (i.e. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism) on one platform.
• Dubai is known for its tourism, and one of the reasons why people from all around the world visit Dubai is to get to know the middle-east culture.
• Not only it will help in developing a profile of Middle Eastern art and indeed your art gallery profile overseas, but also develop a platform to develop a cultural dialogue between the Middle East and beyond.

2) Start Hosting Social and Environmental Days:

• Focusing on social, environmental themes will not only help you to create a powerful exhibition which depicts the stories based around the cities, but also a platform for campaigning, such as focusing on promoting equality, domestic violence, gender stereotyping, etc.
• People usually look forward to events like these as it creates a platform for generating conversation on local and international issues.

3) Photography Art Galleries:
• Since photography is indeed the most important visual art, this can help you come up with an event which aims to produce more personal atmosphere. As photographs are not made by artists, but taken from our surroundings which are universally shared so it stirs more feelings.
• This has already established as an important and innovative medium, with the rise in the demand for the aesthetic pictures.

4) Art Competition
• Art expresses not only the feelings and beliefs of a person, but also their culture. Therefore, hosting art competitions with new artists is a great event art galleries can host. These competitions will bring about new talent and boost the gallery’s public image too.

This is the short list of events, which can not only help your gallery to become regionally famous but also internationally.