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Islamic Art – The Art Genre that Never Gets Old

Islamic Art is that one genre whose popularity continues to grow with time. From ancient to contemporary art this art category continues to flourish and inspire many. This art class is a broad category.  Despite the name it does not only feature religious dogmas but includes essence of Islamic subcultures as well.

The art primarily focuses on geometric patterns. Normally the artists use repeating elements in their work especially the use of vegetal designs, a technique known as arabesque. Many believe that this art form is a way to connect to their Eternal Lord and to show their devotion many modern day artists have opted to show their skills in Islamic art. Cross Borders Art Gallery features many artists who are excelling in the field of Islamic art form. Some of the renowned artists are; Bin Qalandar, M.A Bukhari and Javed Qamar along with much more.

In this blog I will be featuring two artists namely; Bin Qalandar and M.A Bukhari.

Bin Qalandar

Tahir Bin Qalandar more commonly known as only Bin Qalandar is a Pakistan based artist and calligraphist. He was born in 1980 in the city of Lahore. The artist gained his formal education from the famous National College of Arts in 2009 and then passed a diploma in Calligraphy in the year 2010.

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The word Qalandar is a modified niche of Sufism. Since calligraphers all over the world are inspired by Sufism, Bin Qalandar’s name gives him a unique identity that makes him stand out. His name suits his work. Qalandars are known to be closer to God and Bin Qalander’s work is his way to being closer to his Creator.

The artist is blessed with remarkable talent. The Islamic art pieces by Bin Qalandar are mostly acrylics on canvas. He gives special attention to minute details that can be seen in his art pieces. His unique artwork is usually bound in layers using the acrylic paints. The unique blend of pastel and the vivid color combination gives a beautiful touch to his calligraphy.

Bin Qalander’s work is widely acclaimed by people from different backgrounds. People usually stare at his paintings in awe and are mesmerized by the beauty and detailing of his paintings

A Bukhari

M.A Bukhari is another name in the field of Islamic calligraphy. Painting for over a decade now Bukhari claims that he has recognized Allah through his colors. He is a Karachi based artist who mainly works on different art niches but his main focus is on Islamic Calligraphy vector.

Bukhari’s main theme is Isma-e-Husna or ninety-nine names of Allah. He paints these names with broad brush strokes and vibrant colors. He is known for amalgamating contemporary art with Islamic art. His expanded approach in art has enabled him to paint some masterpieces that have amazed the art lovers locally and internationally.

To conclude I would say that these artists have made their name in the field of Islamic calligraphy in very little time. People love them and their work. Their unique style and the new trends they have introduced in the field make each of them differ from the other. I would recommend you all to check out their work exclusively at the Cross Borders Art Gallery.