art exhibitions in dubai

Art Events in Dubai & Original Artwork Presentation

Art events in Dubai remain a highly globalized meeting point in the world of art, with a relatively large gathering of artists, collectors, curators and art professionals from across the world. This annual event boasts of art forms and painting for sale, with art presentations in gallery halls alongside commissioned projects as well as performances in real time. It also features artworks ranging from real (realism) paintings to abstract paintings and Islamic Calligraphy to contemporary art forms. There are various avenues for collectors and professionals alike to have a feel and acquire the type of artwork they desire. Avenues like websites, exhibition centers, art festivals, etc are available all year round with regular updates as regards works of arts that have been stocked in their galleries for sale.

Annual Dubai Art Events

Art events in Dubai are an annual occurrence that bring lovers of art collectors, professionals as well as artists together in one location. These events take place on different days and at different times where art festivals, exhibitions, sales, etc are featured. These annual events are as follows:

  1. Art Dubai (international art fair/ modern & contemporary pieces)
  2. Middle East Film & Comic Con (popular culture convention
  3. World Art Dubai (local & international artworks for collectors)
  4. Art Week at Alserkal (special exhibitions & pop-up collections)
  5. Dubai Canvas (3D street art)
  6. Sound Healing Journeys (piece of performance art)
  7. Alserkal Avenue Gallery Night (art, music & live entertainment)
  8. RCA Secret Dubai (postcard art sales from famous artists)
  9. Nja mahdaoui: Trance (exhibition of major Tunisian art)
  10. DIFC Art Night (Gallery exhibition & live entertainment)

Art professionals and enthusiasts, both new and established in their thousands are allowed access for over four days of the Fair all in a bid to view, assess and purchase the exceptional art collections on display.

Price Range of Artworks in Dubai

These works of art on exhibition are a collection of more than three thousand real and abstract paintings, sculptures, calligraphic arts, artworks from curators and photographers. Prices of these collections of artworks are within reasonable budgets especially for lovers and collectors of arts from more than thirty (30) countries. One can find paintings, sculptures and photography works within the price range of between US$100.00 to US$25,000.00 which has not been the perception about artworks world over. Dubai artworks cater for every budget and this has been very effective in ensuring an upsurge in the attendance of art tourists who visit the state to collect choice works of art. Collectors in Dubai art events will find that the cost of buying artworks at art exhibitions in Dubai are far below what it would ordinarily cost to acquire them in big galleries across the world. For art enthusiasts, professionals, and collectors, there are affordable art buying guides made available for each festival and exhibition to help them streamline as well as make informed decisions as to the best price that suits their budget

This has virtually endeared art lovers world over to always grace the annual Dubai art festivals as well as exhibitions for close to two decades.