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Paintings in Dubai- what a new artist can learn from

Art in the Middle East has really flourished over the years. Modern art paintings in Dubai are now seen with utmost importance and people from all over the world come to buy these special paintings. What amuses most artists around the world is the transformation they have gone through, what once used to be a country with no art background has now come on the top. The following article will focus on the different trends that have occurred throughout Dubai and how this is also benefitting new artists.

The New Trends:

Art galleries in Dubai have seen a phenomenal change. The year 2006 was very important for the cultural shift that took place in Dubai. What played an important role in the history of art was the first auction held by International Modern and Contemporary art in the Middle East. Since then many exhibitions continue to occur, and these artists sell paintings worth millions each month. The following is how art has evolved in Dubai.

• The rapid growth of the local and regional market happened because of the vision of both the individuals and the government to make the city a “global cultural city”. One of its most famous exhibitions Art Dubai plays an important key role in this.

• Apart from Art Dubai, Dubai’s independent art scene is yet another exhibition that benefits from the success and growth of different exhibitions. Many art galleries in Dubai opened immediately after the first exhibition and now take place annually catering to a wide audience.

Many art galleries in Dubai opened immediately after the first exhibition and now take place annually catering to a wide audience.
• Learning from the different exhibitions taking place, artists now have a very strong sense of what people want from around the world and continue producing beautiful pieces of work which keep attracting people.

• The increased spending on PR services has helped artists immensely along with support from the government. It is expected that Dubai artists are yet again to shine this year in an upcoming fair. With great artists such as Hassan Sharif, M.A Bukhari, Shaista Momin and many others, art in Dubai will continue to flourish as long as these artists keep up their efforts.
So what is in it for new artists?

Art in Dubai is evolving but then so are various other questions. How can a new artist survive in Dubai? How do these new artists learn specifically what type of work to produce?

New artists in Dubai are welcomed very warmly in the sense that they are given proper guidelines and helped by very famous artists to make them perfect in what they are doing. This is just part of what they call getting “close to art”. Further, these artists are specifically told to judge each piece of art and analyse it, take out the mistakes and then try to correct them to see if it makes a better image.

If you visit even one art gallery in Dubai, you will be surprised at the amount of different sizes of sculptures and paintings present. Although the biggest ones attract you, not all buyers end up buying that one, and this is why with the changing trend new artists are told to pay more attention and give details to the smaller pieces of work because customers do pay attention to them if they look beautiful. However, all that matters in the end, is beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Hence new artists are always told to produce something which not only pleases their eyes but looks equally beautiful to the one buying it.