Basuki Das Gupta

Basuki Das Gupta was born in Bishnpur, West Bengal. The Bishnpur is a small town that is known for its terracotta temples. Most of the time of his childhood was spent in these temples, he used to share his different emotions there. When asked him about these terracotta temples he said, “ I miss those days when morning or evening, happiness or sorrow, I used to be there. I still feel nostalgic when I think about those days.”

He entered as a student of fine arts in the year 1987, and this is when we explore his inner feelings more deeply and realize his love for art. It was at that time he made a connection of arts with life. He graduated in the year 1992. Later, he pursued his Master’s from 1992-94.

He is close to god and most of his work portrays terracotta temple. These temples are his inspiration. He joined the Birla Academy and participated in several art events in 2016. You may notice Durgapur, Bishnpur and similar smaller villages in his work. He is a master of his own kind.

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