Khusro Subzwari Art

Born in Karachi, Pakistan on October 1, 1957, Khusro Subzwari appears on the horizon of modern art as self-made, passionate artist. It’s been around 35 years, he is making a good mark among regional to global artists. By education, he is a civil engineer.

In 1978, ‘Gulgee’ awarded his oil painting with 2nd prize. From here, his journey of success begins and now he is amongst leading artists emerged from Asian soil. Today he falls in list of famous artists in Dubai as well. He is best known for acrylic paintings and abstract expressionism. Apart from solo exhibitions, he took part in numerous art events in Dubai and Turkey.

Being civil engineer, he has sound authority on balance, form and composition coupled with texture and creativity to generate 3D effects in his artwork. Most of his paintings are themed on Sufism. Abstraction as his fundamental style keeps on nurturing his unique artwork. He loves taking inspiration from nature.